Aprender a leer y escribir


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Aprender a leer y escribir is an application developed to teach kids at home to read and write in Spanish through an interactive board where they can write with colored chalk all the new words they learn. You can teach them from the most basic to the most advanced words in a really fun way.

The exercises in this application are organized in four different categories: alphabet, numbers, syllabary, and colors. The first one lets you teach your kids the entire alphabet, and how each letter is drawn in caps and lower case. It also shows them the word and its pronunciation, so they can associate them to the sounds too. The numbers are good for teaching them all the combinations you can do with them, while you teach them each individual number as well. The syllabary lets you go even further and teach them how syllables and words are formed. The colors let the kids draw and paint characters and have fun while they learn.

Each of the features in Aprender a leer y escribir incorporates a board where kids can use the color chalks. You can let them connect the dots and lines to create compound words, and recognize numbers by playing with them, expanding their vocabulary by forming all types of words.

By Álvaro Toledo
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